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Peak Design Everyday Sling 5: The BEST Way To Travel With The DJI Mavic Pro & Spark

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I admit that I get distracted pretty easily, especially when I’m flying my DJI Mavic Pro drone. Often times, I’ll only pack that and no other camera gear because I want to focus all of my attention of flying and not changing between using that and my camera. So, when I saw that Peak Design released the svelte Everyday Sling …

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Add A Completely Modern Look To Your Images [VIDEO]

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I am completely amazed at the exceptionally positive response to the first episode of my new video series, Photo Redux. I’ve been thinking about this—revisiting old, shared photos and re-editing them—for a long time. There’s something very satisfying about actually visualizing the ways one has grown as a photographer, especially with post processing. For this episode, I’m using Adobe Lightroom …

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Are you ready for a fresh episode of the No Name Photo Show?

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I need to keep reminding myself not to get so stupefied over some people on the internet. You need to listen to the episode to understand what I mean but the tl;dr is that some internet <HUGE airquotes>entrepreneur</HUGE airquotes> inherently knew that it is wrong to steal someone’s photo for commercial use and then is shocked when he is sued… …

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ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Is Out Of Beta – Download It Now!

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After four rounds of beta testing, ON1 has released the final version of Photo RAW 2018 and if you haven’t checked it out, you should. A lot of photographers were quite put off with Adobe’s recent updates to the Lightroom ecosystem and ON1 is positioning itself as a wholly separate alternative for those looking for it. I’ll be sharing some …