My Ballet with Creativity and Food | Breaking the Block: Part I

Mind and Matter The source of this series, Breaking the Block, stems from an internal analysis that I’ve recently done while thinking about the months-long creative funk that I’ve been experiencing. In all of my creative life as a working photographer, I can’t recall suffering from as strong of a block as this one. For a while, I embraced it [...]

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Photo Tip: See “differently” by using natural frames

It's time for a fresh photo tip and this one's all about looking for natural frames to create more unique compositions. Here's the thing about us photographers: we're very excitable. We spend a bunch of time thinking about what gear to pack for a shoot, then we spend time getting to the location, and then we go nuts taking photos. [...]

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Download my FREE Nature Tones Adobe Creative Profile Pack

Today, Adobe announced updates to Lightroom (CC and Classic) and Photoshop, delivering a variety of new improvements and tools, including an exciting new feature called “Profiles”. As an Adobe beta tester, I’ve had the opportunity to build and test these creative profiles for a few months and am VERY excited that it’s available for everyone to use. To celebrate the [...]

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The influences of social media on today’s photographers

It is undeniable to say that social media has had a profound and lasting impact on how photographers grow and conduct business. In some cases, it has led to a boom in prosperity and popularity. In other cases, it has had seriously negative impacts. My co-host, Sharky James, and I are covering two stories that fall under this theme for [...]

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Do we really need another social network?

It seems like a few times a year, word spreads about a social network that promises to solve all of the pain points with the existing juggernaughts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Recently, the darling social network that's gaining lots of buzz is Vero (even though it has been around for a few years). Sharky and I discuss our initial experiences [...]

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