NNPS Episode 046 – Leaving the Life of Professional Photography

I listen to a lot of podcasts that span a multitude of genres including comedy, politics, and, of course, photography. Regardless of the show, there is a common element to my favorite episodes. When the host and guest(s) dive deep with some real stuff—I'm talking about authentic, personal, and raw conversation—that's when I find myself glued to the speakers. The [...]

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Adobe Lightroom: Understanding the Tone Curve

Like many of you, I've been an Adobe Lightroom user since the wee early beta days and I remember how wide-eyed I was when I saw all of the tools built specifically for photographers to use with their images. If you're like me, you've also found which tools in the Develop module you gravitate to the most. I'm a big [...]

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NNPS Episode 045 – Computational Photography is Real and It’s Spectacular

Oh man, I have been SO excited for this episode! For the past year or two, I've been keeping very close tabs on how certain tech companies are leveraging computational photography with their products. Companies like Apple, Google, and Huawei have invested tons into this software technology, all in the name of helping their customers take better photos with their [...]

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NNPS Episode 044 – Making an Unsplash

Well, isn't this a nice treat. We've got our very first in-studio guest at the No Name Photo Show. Originally, I planned on recording this episode on my own, but after having a great conversation about the value of a photo with my good friend, Dan Hawk, I asked him to join! In this episode, Dan and I return to [...]

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5 Tips to Get Better Photos – New Video Series

I'm excited to share my latest video where I share 5 tips to get better photos. At this point, you probably know that I am a big fan of post-processing and stylization of my photos. I love practicing all of those fantastic techniques on my images as much as I love sharing the process with all of you. However, before [...]

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