Fighting Thru The Blerch

I first became aware of The Blerch thru the wonderful and hilarious comic series by The Oatmeal. The more I learned about The Blerch, the more I hated it. In Matthew Inman's (The Oatmeal's creator) own words, The Blerch is "...a wretched, lazy beast. He tells me to slow down, to walk, to quit." I suspect that more than a [...]

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Photo Tip: Use quadrants to improve composition

When you're standing in freezing cold water that starts coming up to your lower calves, timing is a bit of a precious commodity. After the momentary rush that wakes every part of you up passes, it can get pretty uncomfortable and even dangerous to linger for too long... unless you're wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes. But, I digress (shocker). [...]

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The Inscrutability of Secrets

The other day, I was chatting online with a photographer who I recently became acquainted with. I initially reached out because I wanted to pay him a compliment on a beautiful waterfall photo that he took the in Pacific Northwest area. When I asked him which waterfall it was, his response was utterly bewildering to me. He expressed hesitation about sharing [...]

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Why you should embrace obstacles

The photographer who I was two or three years ago would look at a scene like this and immediately walk right by it. "There are too many damn trees in the way!" is something that I'd likely bark to myself. I suppose that's a natural progression of growth for me. I usually start with something laid out in a clear, sensical way and [...]

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Facing off with Little ZigZag Falls

You know what will help clear a Las Vegas-induced cold? Taking in the crisp and fresh air in the Mt. Hood region of Oregon. My good bud, Matt Kloskowski, is visiting town again (he works for onOne, Inc. - a Portland-based company) and so we rallied the troops to get some nature shooting under our belts. Joining us were Nicole, [...]

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A Portrait of Abiqua Falls

Well, Day 1 of 2015 is rolling thru the curtains. Only 364 more of these 24-hour slots to go for the year... but who's counting? :) I wanted to kick off my first post of the year by sharing this portrait of Abiqua Falls. The scramble down can be dicey in muddy conditions, like on the day we hiked down, but [...]

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