Grab the mop ‘n bucket

I decided to reprocess an oldie but goodie from 2010 and change things up with a grungy UrbEx scene. I nabbed this shot on my first visit to this mill with my friend back east, Bob Lussier. I do miss my outings with him very much. The important lesson about this point is that it's ok to interact with your [...]

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The Best Seat In The House

I went digging through the 2010 Archives last night and stumbled onto this little piece from Belchertown State School that never got edited. It's interesting, too, because in those situations I relate it to aging a fine ale for a long time. There is something great about letting an image wait until you've attained the right knowledge and are in [...]

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No More Squandered Opportunities

One of my favorite things about living in Portland is how close I am to the coast. All it takes is about 60-90 minutes of driving and I'm treated to miles and miles of  beautiful coastal landscapes. One of my personal resolutions for 2013 is to spend more time photographing along the coast regardless of how cold or wet it [...]

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Small Details. Big Story

The Story As seen on this week's episode of onOne Software's Perfect Inspiration - I love turning back to the images from my very first visit to Belchertown State School in Belchertown, MA. There was so much there to shoot and it was really easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of detail. Originally, I started with ultra-wide shots, [...]

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Trick or Treat? Enter to find out.

The Story I remember trying to set up for this shot. It took for freaking ever. When you're trying to align your camera in a very precise way, your eyes start playing tricks with your mind. I had my 17mm Tilt Shift lens on and it was really important that the front element was perfectly flush with the door. I [...]

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Ways and Means

The Story What can I say? I can't get enough of my own personal 2010 classic rewind. I've been spending a lot of time digging through the older folders not so much to scavenge, but more to see where I've come as a photographer. Make no mistake - there are plenty of my images that make me cringe when I [...]

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