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Creating Style In The Absence of Visual Information

In Portrait by Brian Matiash11 Comments

I distinctly remember sitting on this bamboo train as it shuttled us at an impressive velocity from point A to point B in Battambang, Cambodia. Aside from the experience of actually riding on this primitive-yet-ingenious mode of transportation, I remember the tinge of frustration as I chimped the images that I was taking of our train operator. The sun was …

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The Late Night Movers ‘n Shakers of Phnom Penh

In Urban by Brian Matiash3 Comments

I found that Phnom Penh had such a wonderful clash of architectural styles. The best way I was able to experience it was from a rooftop. Even as we sailed along on the Tonlé Sap, it wasn’t hard to notice the juxtaposition as gorgeous, historic wats were placed right next to ultra modern, cubic structures with undulating windows and whose …

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The Naga of Wat Ek Phnom

In Architecture by Brian Matiash15 Comments

I remember being so thankful to have access to this Wat. The sun was out in full force and I was positively soaked from the heat and from carrying a full complement of gear in my F-Stop Satori EXP bag. I was cooling off in the shade provided by this wat when I noticed this cool pattern of shapes, leading lines …

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Waiting for that decisive moment

In Portrait by Brian Matiash8 Comments

I am ok with waiting. When you predominantly shoot landscapes, you sort of have to be ok with it. Photographing people, though, is a different story. A lot of times, I find myself very impatient, mostly because I tend to get self-conscious about pointing my lens at someone which results in me not taking the time to capture that elusive …

Everyone zigs. You zag

In Landscape by Brian Matiash17 Comments

The Story After a very long day of traveling from Battambang to Siem Reap, you’d think that sleep would be the first item of business. But how can you sleep when you know that a few miles from your hotel lies a complex of jaw-dropping temples that are thousands of years old? So, the plan was made to photograph sunset …

The Halls of Ta Prohm

In Architecture by Brian Matiash12 Comments

The Story I’ve been going back and forth between working on images from Cambodia and from my recent shoot along the Gorge. Here is a shot that became very familiar to me after shooting in my third or fourth temple. I fell in love with these long, meandering hallways that were surrounded by intricate carvings (and rubble). For this shot, …