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A Totally Unique Approach to Growing Your Photography

One thing I’ve realized after practicing photography for over 20 years—and teaching it for over 10—is that there is SO much that you can learn by studying yourself. Taking the time to seriously examine the works of the photographer you used to be is an excellent practice to guide yourself toward the photographer you want to become.

That is why I created Then & Now.



Then & Now Premium is a truly unique photography course designed to inspire introspection and looking inward for creative growth. This comprehensive course includes all of the following:

  • 10 detailed and thoughtfully-paced training videos to stream or download, that walk you through a variety of helpful and powerful editing techniques using Adobe® Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe® Photoshop CC
  • High-resolution DNG practice files for each video, allowing you to follow along with each step
  • 70+ page Then & Now eBook with inspiration about introspection and the backstory of this course’s development
  • 200+ page Then & Now Recipe Book outlining every step of each video with large screenshots, detailed editing explanations, and ample note-taking sections
  • 15 custom-built Adobe® Creative Profiles that can be used in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Camera Raw
  • 15 source LUT files used to build the Adobe® Creative Profiles. These can be used in Adobe® Photoshop, ON1® Photo RAW, Skylum® Luminar, and any other 3rd Party application supporting LUT files
  • 15 Adobe® Photoshop actions inspired by the dreamy Orton Effect
  • 15 full-resolution (42-megapixel) cloud overlay files
  • BONUS: Photo Redux Video Bundle with 5 extra videos and their practice files

1 review for Then & Now Premium

  1. hippster (verified owner)

    Great Job Brian. I find your “Then and Now” course very thorough. I love how you are unabashed and are openly critical of your own work. You tell us the bad points and good points of each image. This gives us a much better understanding of what to look for in a composition. Photography is not simply snapping a picture and processing it, without proper composition you have only a pretty picture. Brian takes us from beginning to end of each image. Thank you

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