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Inbox Inspiration is my weekly newsletter built to provide you with hand-picked content meant to educate you and inspire your growth as a creative photographer. I receive TONS of newsletters in my inbox every single day and a lot of times, I ask myself why I signed up in the first place. That’s why I take the curation process of what makes it into my newsletter very seriously. Whether it’s a video, a “how-to” article, or a beautiful photo, I want everything I share to spark something in each of you. Signing up is free and as easy as entering in your email address in the box on the right. Your information is of my utmost concern and you can rest assured knowing that none of it will ever be sold or provided to 3rd parties.

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Each issue of Inbox Inspiration includes five articles handpicked for you. Whether it’s an amazing music playlist to edit photos to, a video walkthrough of a post processing technique, or a photographer worth discovering, each article is specifically chosen to get your creative juices flowing. You can expect a wide variety of this content to be delivered right to your inbox every week. Click here (or on the image to the right) for a sample issue of Inbox Inspiration.


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When I built the Matiash Store, my goal was to create an online shop containing custom-built products made up of the very utilities that I use on my own photos and videos. From custom built presets to high resolution texture files, each of the products available have been created to help spur your own creative process. As the Store grew, I expanded the product offerings to eBooks and my ongoing Digital Workflow Series: Photo Methodology. As a member of Inbox Inspiration, you’ll be the first to know about new products and get access to exclusive discounts reserved specifically for subscribers.

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I first started sharing my photos and stories back in 2008 when I launched my blog. Since then, I’ve shared thousands of posts with the goal of helping my audience grow through my own experiences as a photographer. It has been a truly rewarding process and I’ve met so many fantastic people as a result.

Recently, I thought it would be fun to curate my favorite photo posts throughout the years and package them in a nice eBook series. I named the series “Stories from the Lens” and this is the first installment. The best part is that I’m giving this eBook away for FREE simply as a way of saying “Thank you!” for joining Inbox Inspiration and for all the support that you’ve given me throughout the years.

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