Photo Tip: Shoot the same things a thousand times

Depending on how much mental fortitude you have, thinking about how to photograph something that has already been photographed a thousand times in a unique way could prove to be... daunting. And, to a degree, that is rightfully an appropriate reaction. In these instances, I find that it helps to think about this endeavor the same way many adventurers think [...]

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Manarola: By Day and By Night

One advantage to scouting a location early is that you can usually secure the best spot to get a great composition of an iconic place such as Manarola, Italy. I remember visiting Cambodia several years back and was intent on capturing the sunrise over Angkor Wat. I remember hearing the 2:30AM alarm and immediately cursed myself. I'd never get my [...]

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Fun and whimsy with the new Lensbaby Trio

We can all agree that when you talk about a lens, you're typically picturing cough a barrel with one rear element, one front element and a bunch of elements in between. So, when I heard that Lensbaby was taking this approach and tripling it, I was excited. On Wednesday, Lensbaby announced the new Trio 28, a 28mm f/3.5 prime lens [...]

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Roaming around Düsseldorf

While I've visited Germany many times, my trip to the country last month gave me my first opportunity to see the beautiful city of Düsseldorf. In total, I spent about 3.5 weeks in Germany, with the first week in Berlin (attending the IFA Expo) and the remaining 2.5 weeks in Düsseldorf, working out of Wacom's brand new office near the [...]

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Flixel Cinemagraph Highlights #1

I have a huge obsession with cinemagraphs and have written about the creative opportunities that they can provide. The more we strive to create and share our work with the world, the more important it is to clearly understand that the most precious commodity we're trading and vying for is another person's attention. Think about it. Think about your social media consumption [...]

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Photo Tip: Finding Inspiration Within The Ordinary

I suspect that more than a few of you will be able to relate to this story and that is exactly why I want to share it. I was recently in a pretty gnarly funk that I couldn’t shake. That tends to happen whenever I find myself having to be creative on a deadline and the ol’ muse just isn’t cooperating. I just couldn’t get into a groove and it quickly became apparent that nothing productive was going to happen...

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