How To Install Wacom Intuos Pro Texture Sheets On Your Tablet

I've been meaning to share this video for a while now. Better late than never, right? Along with the release of Wacom's next generation Intuos Pro tablet, you have the option of choosing the surface feel with replaceable texture sheets. The tablets ship with the Standard sheet but you can replace it with Smooth or Rough, depending on your preference. I prefer the extra [...]

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UNBOX: KiWAV Grippie for the Sony RX100 V and RX100 IV

There's no denying the svelte form factor of the Sony RX100 line of powerful vlogging P&S cameras, however the diminutive size comes with some challenges... notably with gripping them. In some cases, it can feel awkward as you command your hand to form a claw when holding the camera at odd angles. That's why I found the KiWAV Grippie accessory [...]

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UNBOX: BeatsX Wireless Earbuds – Better than the AirPods??

Hot off Apple's shelves are the new BeatsX wireless buds. Do they best the Apple AirPods? In the few days that I've had these buds, I have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed. Everything from the physical volume buttons to the incredibly secure fit, the BeatsX certainly do stack up in my book. And let's not forget sound quality - [...]

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UNBOX: Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition

During CES 2017, Wacom announced the newest update to their long-standing Intuos Pro tablet line. Along with a complete redesign bringing about a slimmer, lighter, and more solid construction for the Medium and Large sizes (the Small remains unchanged), Wacom also introduced the Paper Edition. With it, you can write or sketch with Wacom's bundled gel ink pen on any [...]

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UNBOX: DJI Mavic Pro

I've actually had the DJI Mavic Pro sitting on a shelf for almost two months. I'd stare at it every day, waiting to have time to film an unboxing video of it. That day finally arrived and I was able to take a knife to the protective seal. In no uncertain terms, the DJI Mavic Pro is a marvel of [...]

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UNBOX: Wine Country Camera Filter Kit

I received a very exciting package this past weekend: one of the very first shipping units of the new Wine Country Camera Filter Kit. This kit is the result of several years of research, planning, and refinement by Rod Clark, my friend and former VP of Marketing at Formatt-Hitech. Rod has shared his plans about creating a filter kit that [...]

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