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Joy In The Least Likely of Places

In Architecture, Travel by Brian Matiash2 Comments

Today is my second day back since returning from my two weeks traveling around Morocco. I’m still overly jet-lagged and under-caffeinated. I did end up waking up at 3AM, which gave me more than enough time to start culling and editing photos from the trip. I’ll come right out and say that this trip to Morocco is possibly my least …

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Musings While Touring Morocco

In Travel by Brian Matiash3 Comments

This trip to Morocco happened quite whimsically. An overseas trip was on the books for a while but the actual destination hadn’t been firmed until about 3 weeks prior to leaving. Like any diligent traveler, I did my fair bit of research on the country, its denizens, and their culture. In some cases, my research prepared me in terms of …

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Manarola: By Day and By Night

In Landscape, Travel, Urban by Brian Matiash5 Comments

One advantage to scouting a location early is that you can usually secure the best spot to get a great composition of an iconic place such as Manarola, Italy. I remember visiting Cambodia several years back and was intent on capturing the sunrise over Angkor Wat. I remember hearing the 2:30AM alarm and immediately cursed myself. I’d never get my …

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Returning to Tokyo

In Travel by Brian Matiash0 Comments

Oh my, it has been quite a long minute since my last post, hasn’t it? I promise to go into more detail about the hiatus in the next few weeks but the tl;dr is that two months ago, I took on the role of Global Director of Social Media at Wacom and since then, I’ve had next to know time to …

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Travel much? Encrypt your drives!

In Travel, Video by Brian Matiash7 Comments

I learned a valuable lesson about travel and data encryption when I arrived back home after my trip to Cuba. As a result, I put together this video that walks you through the very easy process of encrypting your travel drives and computer. In the event of a theft, as was the case with me, you can have peace of …