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Optimize Your WordPress Blog For Facebook Instant Articles

In Tech by Brian MatiashLeave a Comment

It should be a of absolutely no surprise that a majority of people consuming the content you and I share is done on mobile devices, especially through the Facebook app. The proof is in the pudding and data shows this to be the case. That’s why it’s so important that content publishers on WordPress prepare to optimize their content using …

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My Most Used Apps (Feb 2016)

In Tech, Video by Brian Matiash13 Comments

I’m a huge fan of really polished apps. I know, I know… who isn’t, right? Ever since I had a Palm Treo—arguably one of the very first smartphones—I’ve come to rely on productivity apps to help me navigate my life. They help me know where I need to be, when I need to get there and what I need to …

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Spice Up Your Screensaver

In Software, Tech by Brian Matiash3 Comments

This post is sort of a departure from my normal photo shares or Photo Tips but it’s worth sharing nonetheless. I recently added the new Apple TV to our living room’s home theater because most of our media consumption comes from purchases and rentals made via iTunes….