A Moment in Nicaragua

Despite arriving in Granada, Nicaragua last night, its character and charm didn't fully hit me until this morning. Just steps outside of my hotel are streets lined with vibrantly colored facades and equally vibrant people walking, riding, and driving. This next week will bring me well outside of what I'm used to in many ways. Earlier today, we officially kicked off [...]

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Backlight and the bloke

I only got to experience two sunsets at Byron Bay in Australia and both were spectacular. On the evening of the first sunset, I was frantically running around looking for different photos to take of the ocean, the surfers, and the landscape. Admittedly, I didn't get to really enjoy the sunset for what it was. I decided to fix that [...]

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Treating your profile photo as part of your brand

While it may sound vain, I've always felt that your profile photo is just as important as your logo when it comes to representing your personal brand. In all the years that I've been a photographer with a website and a social media presence, I've only had four profile photos including this one. To that end, I've also only had [...]

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Happy birthday, Brian Bonham!!

Having Brian, and by extension, his family, in my life is simply further proof of how profoundly impactful Google+ can be. I met Brian in the very, very early days of this network's existence, on some random HOA that was going on. In those early frontier days, we were all just testing out all of the cool features that the [...]

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Kodak – The Mud Dog

I was actually prepping to share a photo that I recently took at BZ falls when I came across the album of Kodak photos taken a few weeks back at his favorite place in the world - Thousand Acres near Troutdale, OR. Given the heat wave that Portland is experiencing now, I thought it'd be fun to share a photo [...]

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