Photo Tip: Providing a Sense of Scale

Appreciating the importance of including a sense of scale in my photos is one of the great ironies of my photography career. Too often, when I photograph a waterfall or some landscape scene, the objective of conveying its enormity or vastness falls flat because the viewer has nothing else of familiar size to compare it to. And this is where [...]

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Photo Tip: Simple Is Beautiful

I'll be the first to admit that I fall into the common trap of overcomplicating my composition when a simple one would be just as effective, if not more so. It's an easy thing to do and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. We're so driven to create unique compositions that it can cloud the intent of conveying the [...]

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Photo Tip: The Benefits of Compression

The first few times that I photographed this footbridge at Gorton Creek, I used an ultra wide angle lens and was very close to it. While doing it that was let me fill the frame with the bridge, it also added a bunch of distortion. By using a longer focal length (in this case, I used my Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 telephoto [...]

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Photo Tip: The Bridges of Little Zig Zag Falls

I love Little Zig Zag Falls and it's mostly because of the challenges that the area has. Walking in either direction from the makeshift parking area, you immediately become aware of the sheer busyness of the creek. But it's not a busyness caused by people. Rather, it's a product of the vast number of fallen tree trunks and branches that you'll see [...]

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Photo Tip: Document The Journey

Last Sunday, my good buddy, Brian, and I took the afternoon to journey to a place called the Mossy Grotto. It would be my first time visiting that area and Brian's third. I had a good idea of what the destination looked like, all lush and verdant with lots of moss. I also knew that the hike to it was mostly [...]

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