Perspective: A Simple Way To Seriously Improve Your Photos

Next to light, composition is one of the most important factors in determining the overall outcome and impact of a photo. And while light can often be a variable outside of your control, how you choose to frame the subject matter within your frame is almost always on you. In other words, the way you choose to compose your photo [...]

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These are the most useful shutter speeds to remember

Recently, photographer Tony Northrup posted a video where he pleads to stop asking him about the camera settings he used to take his photos. To summarize my understanding of it, Tony believes that, rather than concern yourself with those settings, you should focus on the experiences and what I call "soft metadata" that went into creating the photo. While I [...]

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Photo Tip: The Importance of Being Prolific

A few weeks back, I read this fantastic article on The Next Web (TNW) that talks about focusing less on being original and more on being prolific. It clearly serves as the inspiration for this post. Look, I completely get it. One of the most innate desires of any creative is to leave their mark on the world. We create [...]

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Photo Tip: Shoot the same things a thousand times

Depending on how much mental fortitude you have, thinking about how to photograph something that has already been photographed a thousand times in a unique way could prove to be... daunting. And, to a degree, that is rightfully an appropriate reaction. In these instances, I find that it helps to think about this endeavor the same way many adventurers think [...]

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The Most Important Filter I Use

Whenever I head out on a shoot, I always pack certain "staples" like spare batteries, SD cards, and lens cloths. Those are the basics... the things every photographer packs... or should pack. In addition to those necessities, there is one more piece of kit that ALWAYS makes it in my back and that's a Circular Polarizer (CPL). Of all the filters available, [...]

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Capture your best fireworks explosion

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and in the United States, it symbolizes a lot of different things to a lot of different people. From the celebration of our country's independence to enjoying the peak summer season, July 4th often results in family and friends coming together to enjoy each other. And then there are the fireworks. You can't have [...]

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