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5 Tips to Get Better Photos – New Video Series

I'm excited to share my latest video where I share 5 tips to get better photos. At this point, you probably know that I am a big fan of post-processing and stylization of my photos. I love practicing all of those fantastic techniques on my images as much as I love sharing the process with all of you. However, before [...]

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Photo Tip: Look For All The Angles With Your Composition

How It Happened A long time ago, I created a Lightroom collection called "Ready to Share." The purpose of this collection is pretty straightforward. Any time I finish editing a photo and feel that it's ready to share online, I add it to this collection. It's what I did when I used to use Lightroom Classic and I follow the [...]

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Photo Tip: See “differently” by using natural frames

It's time for a fresh photo tip and this one's all about looking for natural frames to create more unique compositions. Here's the thing about us photographers: we're very excitable. We spend a bunch of time thinking about what gear to pack for a shoot, then we spend time getting to the location, and then we go nuts taking photos. [...]

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Six Ways To Seriously Improve Your Photo Game

If you're anything like me (that'd be tragic, really), you've probably made one resolution or another that has to do with improving your photography this year. It may involve taking stronger photos or something as simple as taking more photos. I know that 2017 was the lightest year in almost a decade for the number of photos I'd taken. I simply [...]

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Easily Fix A Framing Mistake With Adobe Photoshop [Video]

Last week, I was in New York City visiting family and attending the 2017 PhotoPlus Expo. It's easily one of my favorite photo shows because I always have an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet with the companies that I partner with. When I get bored of the show and need to take a break, I usually [...]

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