Let’s breathe new life into an old photo [Photo Redux 004]

It's time for a new episode of Photo Redux, the video series where I revisit some of my oldest digital photos and edit them using today's software and techniques. This episode kinda piggybacks off of Episode 002 in that both photos were taken on the same day in 2009. The more I spend time developing this series, the more rewarding [...]

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My Favorite Photo Editing Gear [Photo Redux 003]

INBOX INSPIRATION BONUS DOWNLOAD Members get free access to download the Adobe Lightroom Presets and Follow-along Photos for all Photo Redux episodes. DOWNLOAD NOW I wanted to try something a bit different with the third episode of Photo Redux. While I normally show a screencast of how I edit my photos, I thought [...]

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Add A Completely Modern Look To Your Images [Photo Redux 002]

I am completely amazed at the exceptionally positive response to the first episode of my new video series, Photo Redux. I've been thinking about this—revisiting old, shared photos and re-editing them—for a long time. There's something very satisfying about actually visualizing the ways one has grown as a photographer, especially with post-processing. For this episode, I'm using Adobe Lightroom Classic [...]

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How I’ve Changed The Way I Edit My Photos [Photo Redux 001]

I'm excited to kick off a new video series called Photo Redux. The premise is straightforward: I dig deep into my photo archive, looking for photos that illustrate the sort of photographer I was back then and how I have changed in terms of post-processing and stylization using tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as other tools. Each [...]

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