New No Name Photo Show: Deeper Pixels?

If you've even spent only a few minutes browsing the internet over the past week, you've undoubtedly seen reports that Apple had announced their latest iPhones. Or that Google is primed to announce the next iteration of their Pixel phones. Or Samsung. Or LG. Etcetera. Etcetera. Obviously, a gigantic component, literally and figuratively, to each of these devices is the [...]

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Tuesdays aren’t just for 🌮. They’re also for new episodes of the No Name Photo Show!

It's Tuesday and that means we've got a fresh episode of the No Name Photo Show ready for your listening pleasure. The stories in this episode will make you both very hungry (assuming you like White Castle sliders) and nervous. Well, you would only be nervous if you're not sure how strong your website host is with creating backups of [...]

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The influences of social media on today’s photographers

It is undeniable to say that social media has had a profound and lasting impact on how photographers grow and conduct business. In some cases, it has led to a boom in prosperity and popularity. In other cases, it has had seriously negative impacts. My co-host, Sharky James, and I are covering two stories that fall under this theme for [...]

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