Photo Tip: See “differently” by using natural frames

It's time for a fresh photo tip and this one's all about looking for natural frames to create more unique compositions. Here's the thing about us photographers: we're very excitable. We spend a bunch of time thinking about what gear to pack for a shoot, then we spend time getting to the location, and then we go nuts taking photos. [...]

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Download my FREE Nature Tones Adobe Creative Profile Pack

Today, Adobe announced updates to Lightroom (CC and Classic) and Photoshop, delivering a variety of new improvements and tools, including an exciting new feature called “Profiles”. As an Adobe beta tester, I’ve had the opportunity to build and test these creative profiles for a few months and am VERY excited that it’s available for everyone to use. To celebrate the [...]

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My Favorite Photo Editing Gear [Photo Redux 003]

INBOX INSPIRATION BONUS DOWNLOAD Members get free access to download the Adobe Lightroom Presets and Follow-along Photos for all Photo Redux episodes. DOWNLOAD NOW I wanted to try something a bit different with the third episode of Photo Redux. While I normally show a screencast of how I edit my photos, I thought [...]

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Here’s an easy way to get more out of any photo shoot

I imagine many of you will be able to relate to this: you plan a sunrise or sunset shoot, get to the location, and end up taking 5,000 of the same photo. You become so transfixed with whatever it is you're photographing that you get tunnel vision. That was exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago when I [...]

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Perspective: A Simple Way To Seriously Improve Your Photos

Next to light, composition is one of the most important factors in determining the overall outcome and impact of a photo. And while light can often be a variable outside of your control, how you choose to frame the subject matter within your frame is almost always on you. In other words, the way you choose to compose your photo [...]

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Anxious About A New Photo Trip? Here’s How I Handle It.

If you're like me, you get anxious before heading off on a new photo trip and this anxiety seems to grow as the departure day looms closer. It gets magnified even more if it has been a stretch since your last photo outing. In my case, anxiety began creeping in a day or two before leaving for a 10 day [...]

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