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Photo Tip: The Importance of Being Prolific

In Landscape, Photo Tip by Brian Matiash1 Comment

A few weeks back, I read this fantastic article on The Next Web (TNW) that talks about focusing less on being original and more on being prolific. It clearly serves as the inspiration for this post. Look, I completely get it. One of the most innate desires of any creative is to leave their mark on the world. We create …

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Photo Tip: Providing a Sense of Scale

In Landscape, Photo Tip by Brian Matiash0 Comments

Appreciating the importance of including a sense of scale in my photos is one of the great ironies of my photography career. Too often, when I photograph a waterfall or some landscape scene, the objective of conveying its enormity or vastness falls flat because the viewer has nothing else of familiar size to compare it to. And this is where …

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I Am Thankful

In Landscape by Brian Matiash3 Comments

I know, I know. Thanksgiving Day was last week but that doesn’t diminish the importance of wanting to be more mindful of being thankful, right? It’s certainly easy to write about how thankful I am for having cameras, lenses, and computers to work on my photography. I guess that would be a given. I am very thankful for all of that …

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Manarola: By Day and By Night

In Landscape, Travel, Urban by Brian Matiash5 Comments

One advantage to scouting a location early is that you can usually secure the best spot to get a great composition of an iconic place such as Manarola, Italy. I remember visiting Cambodia several years back and was intent on capturing the sunrise over Angkor Wat. I remember hearing the 2:30AM alarm and immediately cursed myself. I’d never get my …