ON1 Inspiration: Episode 03 – Ashlyn & The Pumpkin Patch

If you’ve even remotely followed my work over the years, you probably know that I hardly ever photograph people of any age. I think it has a lot to do with photography being a very internalized process for me. Any instructions needed to be given are done for me, to me, and by me all within my mind. I rarely [...]

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Introducing ON1 Inspiration with Brian Matiash!

Until recently, I had never seen a redwood tree in person. I’ve heard all sorts of things about their size and have seen enough pictures to know that anyone’s description of them likely wasn’t a hyperbole. But when I saw one up close, I thought I’d sprain my neck tilting as far back as I could to take in its [...]

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Focused On: Cynthia Haynes

My new series, Focused On, gives me a chance to shine a spotlight on some of my favorite artists out there. These are people who inspire me with all of their wonderful work and I want to do my part in spreading the word. This post highlights the great Cynthia Haynes, a photographer who I recently had the pleasure of photographing alongside in Venice, Italy.

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