Check Out All The New Goodness From Peak Design

I'll just come out and say it. I absolutely love Peak Design. But it's not just the products that I love. It's the whole package. The people who work there, the culture, and the causes they so transparently and strongly advocate for makes me proud to wear and use their gear. It also makes me want to go above and [...]

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These are the most useful shutter speeds to remember

Recently, photographer Tony Northrup posted a video where he pleads to stop asking him about the camera settings he used to take his photos. To summarize my understanding of it, Tony believes that, rather than concern yourself with those settings, you should focus on the experiences and what I call "soft metadata" that went into creating the photo. While I [...]

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Managing Your Image Archive

A few months back, I was asked by the editors of Digital Photo Pro magazine to write about my onsite and offsite image archive strategies. I've always prided myself on the borderline neurotic detail I pay to how my image archive (and video archive) gets backed up onsite at my home office as well as offsite, just in case something [...]

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How I Fell In Love With 35mm

If you've paid attention to the work I've shared over the years, it should come as no surprise that the 35mm focal length is foreign to me. I typically veer towards the ultra wide angle side of focal lengths: usually between 14mm and 18mm. It's not so much that I enjoy cramming in tons of stuff into my frame but [...]

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You Need To See The Zeiss Milvus 2.8/15 In Action

I've been working on a new series with my wonderful partners at Zeiss (Disclosure: I am a Zeiss Lens Ambassador). The goal is to highlight the advantages of using prime lenses, specifically the outstanding Milvus line. I'll be taking a deep dive with four Milvus lenses over the next few months, showcasing what they can do in a variety of [...]

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The Most Important Filter I Use

Whenever I head out on a shoot, I always pack certain "staples" like spare batteries, SD cards, and lens cloths. Those are the basics... the things every photographer packs... or should pack. In addition to those necessities, there is one more piece of kit that ALWAYS makes it in my back and that's a Circular Polarizer (CPL). Of all the filters available, [...]

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