My 2018 Resolutions for Photography and Business

With less than two weeks left in 2017, it's high time that I spend some brain cycles on identifying what my goals will be in 2018. Naturally, making the general list are annual staples like losing 40lbs (I really let myself go since moving to Nebraska) and generally being a better person, so I won't go into much detail about [...]

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See Why The Columbia River Gorge Is An Inspirational Destination

I was recently asked by my good friends at Really Right Stuff to write about an inspirational destination that means a lot to me. Naturally, the first destination that came to mind was the Columbia River Gorge. While the gorge itself is a stunner, the real charm lies with the vast amount of waterfalls that have formed throughout it. I'd [...]

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The Great Nebraska Road Trip

On the road again If you were to tell me six months ago that I'd be living in Nebraska, I'd guffaw quite heartily and then tell you to stop lying to my face. But here we are and I'm typing this post from a skeletal office setup in my new house here in Lincoln, NE. There were a number of [...]

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My Next Adventure

Time for a new adventure! I left my job at Wacom so that I can focus all of my efforts in re-growing my own business, Matiash Inc. Oh, and Nicole and I are selling our house in Portland, OR and are moving to Lincoln, NE. So there’s that, too.

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Memorial Day: Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers

Every year on Memorial Day, the citizens of the United States honor the brave men and women who had fallen while serving our country. I can't begin to empathize with what that must feel like—to lose someone close to me while serving. I am proudly married to a US Navy veteran and I'm extremely thankful that we can celebrate Veterans [...]

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Digital Photo Magazine Feature: Urban Nights

I am very excited to share a digital extract of my feature article in the current issue of Digital Photo Magazine titled, Urban Nights. I was asked to share my experiences, along with several tips, in shooting urban locations after the sun goes down for the night. I had a blast going through years of photos, culling my favorite ones, because [...]

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