Photo Tip: See “differently” by using natural frames

It's time for a fresh photo tip and this one's all about looking for natural frames to create more unique compositions. Here's the thing about us photographers: we're very excitable. We spend a bunch of time thinking about what gear to pack for a shoot, then we spend time getting to the location, and then we go nuts taking photos. [...]

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Photo Tip: Shoot the same things a thousand times

Depending on how much mental fortitude you have, thinking about how to photograph something that has already been photographed a thousand times in a unique way could prove to be... daunting. And, to a degree, that is rightfully an appropriate reaction. In these instances, I find that it helps to think about this endeavor the same way many adventurers think [...]

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Joy In The Least Likely of Places

Today is my second day back since returning from my two weeks traveling around Morocco. I'm still overly jet-lagged and under-caffeinated. I did end up waking up at 3AM, which gave me more than enough time to start culling and editing photos from the trip. I'll come right out and say that this trip to Morocco is possibly my least [...]

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Photo Tip: Finding Inspiration Within The Ordinary

I suspect that more than a few of you will be able to relate to this story and that is exactly why I want to share it. I was recently in a pretty gnarly funk that I couldn’t shake. That tends to happen whenever I find myself having to be creative on a deadline and the ol’ muse just isn’t cooperating. I just couldn’t get into a groove and it quickly became apparent that nothing productive was going to happen...

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Photo Tip: Experiment using different times of day

This photo tip popped into my head yesterday as I was browsing through photos from my trip to Tokyo last year. I was scanning through a Lightroom folder and came upon a series of photos I took of the Tokyo Tower from my hotel room, in Roppongi Hills, at night. When I clicked on the folder for the next day, I [...]

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