NNPS Episode 52 – Burn Down the Rumor Mill (with David Schloss)

These days, we measure the success of a blog post or video or podcast by impressions. While the ways these impressions can be defined or quantified vary by platform, but the general rule of thumb is that the more clicks you get, the more opportunities that a host, like YouTube, for example, can serve up ads, which aids in generating [...]

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Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile: My Favorite Hidden Tricks

If you’ve watched some of my recent videos or listened to me on the No Name Photo Show, you know my opinion on mobile photography. To sum it up, I’m a very big fan of it and believe that mobile photo workflows will keep getting better. In fact, all of the photos I’ve recently shared on Instagram were taken with [...]

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Watch a Free Lesson from Then & Now

This week has been a whirlwind with the launch of my brand new photography course, Then & Now. I couldn't be happier to read the positive messages that customers have been sending about the unique approach to using introspection—or looking inward to the photographer you used to be—as a way to grow into the photographer you want to become. I'm very [...]

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3 Reasons to Use Adobe Photoshop Instead of Lightroom

Last week, I shared a video where I discussed the importance of introspection and how it can help you grow as a photographer. In that example, I compared the way the photographer I used to be edited photos in Adobe Lightroom to the way I do so today. The differences were striking and it reinforces the need to establish a [...]

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