Fun Photo Geekery with Don Komarechka

When my friend and snowflake-whisperer, Don Komarechka, asked me to be a guest on his weekly podcast, a big smile formed on my face. I love geeking out on photo tech and one of the best places to do so is on Don's weekly podcast, Photo Geek Weekly. The episode covers some really meaty topics, including the allegations of Peter [...]

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No Name Photo Show – Episode 23 – These Go To 11

For those about to rock, we salute you. That is, of course, you plan on rocking out at a Jack White concert with your mobile device. In that case, you’re out of luck. More and more, musicians are clamping down on the prolific use of smartphones at live events. Concertgoers who wish to nab some photos or a quick video [...]

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What was I thinking with this image??? [Photo Redux 009]

Honestly. that's the question I've been asking myself every minute while recording this episode of Photo Redux. At one point in my life, as in 2009, I felt that post-processing involved obliterating highlights, crushing shadows, and over-sharpening every detail in a photo. And it's these sorts of retrospective experiences that makes it a pleasure to keep creating new episodes of [...]

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Did you catch Episode 22 of the No Name Photo Show?

This week's episode of the No Name Photo Show is a fun one. We love hearing from our listeners and when we see a solid question presented, we create a segment out of it. That's exactly what we did in Episode 22. After discussing the importance of social media and education for photographers in Episode 20 with Colby Brown, one [...]

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Another New Tuesday Means Another New Episode Of The No Name Photo Show

Last week was, how do you say, interesting for Canon's EMEA social media team. It's one thing to unwittingly share a photo containing partially lifted composited elements. It's another thing entirely to pretend that it wasn't the case. Want to know more about this story, as well as a story on the over-capture epidemic that is apparently spreading like wildfire? [...]

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