Last week was Earth Day, which always seems ludicrous to me since we should focus on the health and hygiene of the planet every day. But, I’ll take any opportunity to bring more attention to this topic, especially when it involves our beautiful natural landscapes getting trampled or destroyed by people looking to create a new Instagram post. Social media has had a number of societal impacts. Some have been good, but others have been quite devastating, especially when it comes to the lack of care for natural environments.

As photographers, we have a responsibility to act as nature’s stewards by incorporating Leave No Trace best practices, as well as deputizing other photographers. Fortunately, Erin Babnik, my guest for this episode of the No Name Photo Show is one of the foremost authorities in fighting to protect natural landscapes from being destroyed by witless people. In addition to being an absolutely amazing photographer, Erin is a stalwart advocate for protecting the sanctity of natural environments. I’m so thankful to have her on and I’m sure you’re going to love the conversation.

Featured Image © Erin Babnik – Used With Permission

Show Notes