I’m so happy to welcome back one of my closest friends, Colby Brown, to the show. Colby was the guest for Episode 20, which just over a year ago, and it was great to compare the state of photography and social media from January 2018 to today. Because, as you can imagine, a lot has changed. Between Facebook’s myriad PR and political nightmares to Google+ shutting down, to Flickr working its way back to glory, the digital landscape for photographers is wildly different. This episode covers a lot of ground, whether you’re a photographer who is interested in making a career out of your passion or simply in it to share your photos with the world. Even better is that Colby will be returning for Episode 52! We had a second topic to discuss, but our conversation about photography and social media was too good to cut short. Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments section!

Show Notes