I listen to a lot of podcasts that span a multitude of genres including comedy, politics, and, of course, photography. Regardless of the show, there is a common element to my favorite episodes. When the host and guest(s) dive deep with some real stuff—I’m talking about authentic, personal, and raw conversation—that’s when I find myself glued to the speakers. The show could go on for three hours and I’d still be there listening.

That’s how I feel about this episode. I’m lucky to be joined by my longtime friend, James Brandon, to discuss not only what led him to become a professional photographer, but what made him realize that he wanted to leave that life behind. I suspect that a lot of what he says may resonate with some of you. It certainly did with me. I hope you enjoy this one!

Also, as a bit of a meta tidbit, that’s James in the cover photo. I took it in early 2018 when we visited Bandon, OR.

Show Notes

  • Follow James at his website
  • 19 Examples of HDR Done Right by James Brandon [via DPS]