Oh man, I have been SO excited for this episode! For the past year or two, I’ve been keeping very close tabs on how certain tech companies are leveraging computational photography with their products. Companies like Apple, Google, and Huawei have invested tons into this software technology, all in the name of helping their customers take better photos with their mobile devices. But, computational photography isn’t limited to mobile phone manufacturers. Software companies like Skylum and ON1 have been dipping their toes in the artificial intelligence (AI) pond. But, few software companies who support creatives have invested as much in this area as Adobe. And that’s why I’m so excited to welcome my friend and Adobe Lightroom Product Manager, Josh Haftel to the show.

I’ve known Josh for almost a decade and—fun fact—he is the singular person responsible for me being hired by Google. He’s a wonderful guy with both deep and wide knowledge of the photo industry. As I mention in the show, Josh truly is a photographer’s photographer and I had an absolute blast discussing the role of computational photography in the creative process and its impact on photographers. Give the show a listen and let me know your thoughts on this wildly interesting topic in the comments or on social media.

Show Notes

  • Follow Josh on Instagram and Twitter
  • Learn more about Adobe Lightroom [via Adobe]
  • Computational Photography Is Ready For Its Close-up [via PCMag.com]
  • Adobe Lightroom leverages computational photography for amazing long exposure results on the iPhone [via Fstoppers]