Well, isn’t this a nice treat. We’ve got our very first in-studio guest at the No Name Photo Show. Originally, I planned on recording this episode on my own, but after having a great conversation about the value of a photo with my good friend, Dan Hawk, I asked him to join! In this episode, Dan and I return to the topic of Squarespace partnering with Unsplash, first discussed in Episode 43. Because Dan is primarily a commercial photographer, he has some pretty interesting reasons as to why this partnership, and Unsplash’s business model in general, warrant concern. You’re in for a real treat, so listen up and enjoy!

Show Notes

  • Learn more about Dan Hawk at his website and follow him on Instagram.
  • Brian refers to a story he wrote detailing the partnership between Squarespace and Unsplash [via Fstoppers]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Dan: Lume Cube LED Light [via Amazon]

Brian: Manfrotto Variable Friction Magic Arm [via Amazon]