Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? Or… ears. Or… you get it. It has been a spell since our last episode and we promise that there was a good reason for the gap. The good news is that the No Name Photo Show is back on track and we kick off this episode with an update on what the future of the show looks like. We love the audience that we’ve built since kicking off the show and we seriously hope you are enjoying everything. But don’t be a stranger! Let us know what you think about the update. The second half of this episode focuses on a pretty inflammatory bit of news regarding Squarespace and its decision to offer all of its users direct access to Unsplash and its 750,000+ license-free photos. Suffice it to say that a lot of photographers did not take the news very well. So check it all out and enjoy!

Show Notes

  • Squarespace announces a partnership with Unsplash [via the Squarespace blog]
  • Unsplash adds their take on the partnership [via Medium]
  • David Hobby kicks things off with his thoughts [via Twitter]

  • Zack Arias interviews Unsplash founder, Mikael Cho [via YouTube]