It’s time for a new Adobe Lightroom tutorial! If I asked you, “What time of day would you most prefer to shoot at?”, I bet I’d know your answer. Odds are, you’d either say, “Sunrise!” or “Sunset!” The truth is that the best time of day to shoot is any time of day! I know, I know. Shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest won’t always yield the best results. But, I’d rather be out there with my camera, growing my skills and gathering new photos than sitting at home any day. So, when I recently had the opportunity to drive out to the Oregon coast for some midday shooting, I jumped at it. Sure, the light was harsh and there weren’t many clouds in the sky. But, I still gave myself the chance to create some new work and by utilizing the tools at my disposal, specifically my ND filter, I walked away from some shots that I am really happy with! So, I put together this video walking you through how I use some key Adobe Lightroom features—Creative Profiles and Color Range Masking—to add some punch to photos taken during harsh lighting conditions.

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Nature Tones Profile #5


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