There’s something about this episode that is making us really hungry. Maybe it has something to do with our first story involving a photographer and White Castle’s somewhat uncouth digital marketing team. But don’t you worry. White Castle ended up doing right by the photographer and we’re gonna talk about it, as well as our love for their sliders. Don’t judge!

Our next story involves a very sad tale about a photographer losing her 8-year-old website because of some bumbling errors committed by her hosting company. It’s a terrible situation to be in and we really feel for Jenny, the author of this story. Dessert gets served up with a fresh portion of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” That rounds out episode 36 for Y’all. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  • Photographer, Wasim Ahmad, shares his less-than-polite encounter with White Castle after they asked to use one of his photos on their Social Media accounts [via F-Stoppers]
  • Several months later, White Castle’s VP of Marketing reaches out to make things right and we can all love their sliders once again [via F-Stoppers]
  • Photographer, Jenny Cruger, lost her website of eight years due to a bungling by her host company [via PetaPixel]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Brian: JPEGMini Pro [via B&H Photo]

Sharky: AFO Fire Ball [via Amazon]