NNPS Episode 035 – The Farce Awakens

NNPS Episode 035 – The Farce Awakens

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Be still our beating hearts. Could it be? Is this really a new episode of the No Name Photo Show? Alas, friends, it is! Before we dive in, I would like to extend an especially heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to all of our listeners who wrote in, tweeted, or emailed hoping that the show wasn’t canceled. The last six weeks have been challenging and rather than put out a subpar show, we decided to take a hiatus. But, we go into very personal detail regarding what has been going on in our lives during the first half of this episode.

Then, it’s back to business as usual with a new photo story about a photographer who had her entire kit lost (read: stolen) while flying home. It’s certainly a cautionary tale. And, of course, we wrap things up with a long overdue installment of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” We’re so thrilled to be back and hope you enjoy this episode!

Show Notes

  • Sharky joined Frederick van Johnson for TWiP Episode 522 to discuss his personal and family bouts with depression, anxiety and suicide
  • A photographer had $13,000 in photo gear lost while flying on American Airlines [via PetaPixel]

Suicide Prevention Resources:
Text: HELP or any word 741741

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Brian: Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset [via Amazon]

Sharky: Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21 [via Amazon]

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  1. Cal Mukumoto July 3, 2018 at 11:29 am - Reply

    Episode 35 was great. It was good to hear you and Sharky back in business. I have to say there is a lot going on right now. Sharky’s TWIP episode 522 and your move are significant. Let’s just say, I am appreciative of what you guys deliver week in and week out. Thanks.

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