Today, Adobe announced updates to Lightroom (CC and Classic) and Photoshop, delivering a variety of new improvements and tools, including an exciting new feature called “Profiles”. As an Adobe beta tester, I’ve had the opportunity to build and test these creative profiles for a few months and am VERY excited that it’s available for everyone to use. To celebrate the launch of these Creative Profiles, I’m giving away a free pack of five Nature Tones Creative Profiles to of Inbox Inspiration members. It’s very easy (and FREE) to sign up if you’re not a member.

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What are Adobe Creative Profiles?

In the simplest sense, a Profile is sort of like the sibling of a Preset. As far as the user is concerned, applying a Profile is pretty much the same as applying a Preset in that you simply click on one to use it. Unlike Presets, Profiles give the user one of the most asked for features: a Strength slider. With Presets, the user never had control over the strength, or opacity, of the look. With Profiles, you can choose to dial down—or up—the applied style. This is one of my favorite reasons for using Profiles as opposed to Presets. It is a far superior experience for users who download and apply my creative styles.

Also, when you apply a Preset, all that happens is that a bunch of sliders in Lightroom (or Adobe Camera Raw) get pushed to predefined values that were defined by the Preset creator. If you apply one Preset and then click on another one, it will “overwrite” all of the sliders involves. When you apply a Profile, no sliders get touched. This brings about a higher level of control when working on your photos.

Are there any other benefits to using Creative Profiles?

Yes! Unlike the process of creating a Preset, which is a snapshot of slider settings, Creative Profiles give me the opportunity to utilize LUT (Look Up Tables) and a variety of other creative controls that are far more powerful. While I’ve always enjoyed creating themed Preset packs, these Creative Profiles give me a whole new way to offer stylistic options with a single click.

How do I use these profiles?

Good question! I was going to record a video walking you through the installation process but Nicolesy already created a great one, so I’ll just include it below. As a bonus, she’s also giving away a free Creative Profile pack called Contempo. You can download it here.