Episode 29 is coming at ya and we’re talking about two hot-button topics: gear and piracy. Our first story has to do with the ongoing debate as to whether the days of the dSLR camera are numbered. After seeing mirrorless camera companies like Sony and Fuji dominate sales and aggressively release powerful and capable cameras, it’s hard not to think that dSLRs are on their way out. Sales have been down and camera companies like Canon and Nikon have been slow to release innovative new products. Still, we wouldn’t count either of them out of the fight just yet.

Our next topic comes from F-Stoppers and photographer, Elia Locardi. After seeing their highly-produced premium videos get pirated and distributed via BitTorrents, these guys decided to shine a light on the negative impacts of stealing software by releasing their own torrented tutorial. The act itself was pretty brilliant and it gave us a lot to discuss. As if that isn’t enough, we round things out with a new “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” and call it good.

Show Notes

  • This article doesn’t just ask, it tells you: The death of the dSLR is near. Sort of like Nostradamus of the photography world [via PetaPixel]
  • The gang at F-Stoppers shares their experience of pirating their own tutorial video. It’s brilliant! [via F-Stoppers]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Portable anti-reflection Lenskirt [via Amazon]

BrianLensbaby Trio 28 [via Amazon]