What was I thinking with this image??? [Photo Redux 009]

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Honestly. that’s the question I’ve been asking myself every minute while recording this episode of Photo Redux. At one point in my life, as in 2009, I felt that post-processing involved obliterating highlights, crushing shadows, and over-sharpening every detail in a photo. And it’s these sorts of retrospective experiences that makes it a pleasure to keep creating new episodes of this series. One one hand, my hope is that it serves as inspiration for all of you who watch. On the other hand, it certainly helps me on my ever-evolving journey to refine my style of composition and post-processing. With that, I hope you enjoy this episode. Don’t forget: Inbox Inspiration members can download the follow-along photo. The sign-up form is below for those who want to join.

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2009 vs. 2018




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