My Must Have Zeiss Lenses for Street Photography [Tokyo – Dec 2017]

My Must Have Zeiss Lenses for Street Photography [Tokyo – Dec 2017]

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Last month, Nicole and I took a very last-minute trip to Tokyo with the intent of exploring and photographing the bustling city. I knew that the bulk of what I’d be shooting would be considered street photography and because I’d be on my feet for hours on end, it was important to be smart about the gear I packed. The last thing you want is to be encumbered by the gear you’re carrying around, especially when plans call to walk miles and miles on end. Thankfully, I have a wonderful complement of Zeiss prime lenses, which are not only lightweight, they produce exceptionally sharp and punchy images. You can check out each of the lenses mentioned in the Kit below.

I recorded this video recapping not only which lenses I took, but also why I took them. It will give you insight into how I plan for these types of trips and can hopefully inspire you the next time you’re heading out on a shoot. Check it out and let me know which gear you typically pack for this sort of shoot in the comments below.

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