Here we are! A new year, a new episode (#20!) and a new guest. With all the resolutions and goals that photographers make, we thought it’d be a great time to dive into the role that social media plays with how we share our work and build our brands. To help bring that conversation to life, we’re thrilled to introduce our next guest host, Colby Brown! Usually, each episode consists of two topics but because there was so much great chatter about how social media affects today’s photographers, we decided to devote the entire show to it. If you’ve been looking for ways to help improve how you utilize social media with your photography, definitely listen to this show. And don’t you worry… we’ve also got a fresh portion of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” waiting to be served up.

Show Notes

  • We’re pleased to welcome our next guest host, Colby Brown [Website | The Giving Lens]
  • One of the key topics discussed is a photographer’s ability to leverage a large social media following and that isn’t always as easy as it sounds
  • Brian mentions that he uses Buffer as a service that schedules his social media posts in advance [via Buffer]
  • The hosts discuss the importance of understanding who your audience is and how to effectively reach them

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Colby: Kahtoola MICROSpikes [via Amazon]

Brian: Tile Sport [via Amazon]

Sharky: PhotoPills