Alas, friends, we have reached the final episode of 2017. The rate at which this show has grown since we first kicked things off in August still boggles our minds and we can’t thank all of you enough. Seriously, all of you listeners drive us to put out the best show possible every week because we understand that the most precious resource you have is time and we want you to feel that it is well spent.

Ok, onto the show! Our first topic was inspired by a poll that Sharky created on his Instagram stories, where he asked how people felt about their photography pursuits in 2017. The results were surprising enough for us to want to dig deeper in. We then follow that up with the bit of news making the rounds regarding Apple and their intentional throttling of older iPhone speeds. Is it warranted? Do these class action lawsuits filed against Apple have merit? Listen up to find out! Finally, we put a bow on our final episode of the year with a fresh portion of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?”

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Show Notes

  • Brian mentioned that 2017 was the weakest year for photography in almost 10 years. However, he did discuss some of his 2018 resolutions [via]
  • The original Reddit thread that ultimately resulted in Apple making an official statement acknowledging intentional throttling of iPhone processor clock speeds [via]
  • That thread led to an informative Geekbench article, which clearly illustrated Apple’s throttling of iPhone processor clock speeds [via]
  • In the wake of these benchmarks, Apple acknowledged the throttling in a statement to TechCrunch [via]
  • Finally, at least three class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple for throttling older iPhones [via]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Kupo 7′ Mini Click Light Stand [via Kupo]

Brian: Kingston MobileLite G4 UHS-II USB 3.0 SD Card Reader [via Amazon]