Being A Part Of A Major Milestone With Martin Bailey

Being A Part Of A Major Milestone With Martin Bailey

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If there’s one thing that I can never get used to with major intercontinental travel, it’s jet lag. What an amazing and terribly frustrating phenomenon. Fortunately, one of the benefits of being up at an ungodly hour is getting some odds and ends taken care of. 👍🏼

The trip to Tokyo was a resounding success for several reasons. First, Nicole and I had a blast exploring a bunch of the city’s districts. We ate some amazing food, got plenty of photos, and even managed to secure our frequent flier statuses with Delta for 2018! We also had the serendipitous luck of getting together with Martin Bailey, a photographer, workshop instructor, and podcaster whom I’ve admired for many years. Martin was instrumental in helping Sharky and me iron out some of our early bugs as we began our journey with our podcast, the No Name Photo Show. A few days before leaving for Tokyo, Nicole reached out to Martin—who has been living in Japan for many years—to see if he’d be up for a get-together. To our good fortune, Martin had some time to meet up and asked if we’d join him as guests on his long-standing photography podcast. We graciously accepted the invitation and had a blast sitting down with Martin to discuss photography, business, and everything in between.

While I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show, it was the little tidbit that Martin shared with us after he stopped recording that dropped my jaw. In as casual of a way as you could expect, Martin mentioned that we had just recorded the 600th episode of his podcast! Are you kidding me?! Sharky and I just published our 18th episode the other day and here is Martin strolling across 600! We both told Martin that we wished we knew about the milestone before recording because it’s an achievement that is totally worth celebrating. In spite of that, you can see why Martin is a consummate professional. He didn’t want to make the episode about himself or his achievement and that’s something I so greatly admire about him.

You can listen to the episode below at your leisure. We recorded it while sitting in a courtyard right in the heart of Shinjuku’s business district. Don’t pay much mind to the audio, though. The real goodness is in the topics we discussed, so please enjoy. Also, you may catch a tidbit about a pretty major collaboration that Martin, Nicole and I will be involved in come 2020. Check it out!

Finally, be sure to head over to Martin’s site see all the show notes and subscribe to his truly wonderful podcast.

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