I Wish I Edited My Photos Like This 10 Years Ago! [Photo Redux 005]

I Wish I Edited My Photos Like This 10 Years Ago! [Photo Redux 005]

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I’m thrilled to share the next episode of my Photo Redux series. I never thought I’d get as big of a kick revisiting some of my oldest—and most tragic—photos. I also never thought that you guys would enjoy it so much, which rocks! Anyway, here it is. Enjoy it and please share it far and wide!

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2009 vs 2017



Photo Redux - Episode 05 Download



  1. Betty Girardeau December 6, 2017 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Wow. You showed me things to do in Lightroom that I did not even know were possible. I am really going to have to watch this multiple times to try to even barely remember some of the things you showed. And, BTW, the redux version is definitely a huge improvement. Thank you, Brian.

    • Brian A. Verdi December 6, 2017 at 11:28 pm - Reply

      Great video Brian!

  2. Mike Fitzpatrick December 6, 2017 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Very informative series. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bruce Blaylock December 6, 2017 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    Really like this series, Brian. I’m not a fan of vintage look, but appreciate the style. Question: Do you find yourself getting repetitive or in a rut with a style? I discovered glow modes and now almost every image I finish has some type of glow at some opacity. Love the look, but don’t want all my images to start looking the same…Bruce

  4. Charles Moore December 7, 2017 at 2:48 pm - Reply

    Great video Brian, there are so many unknown tools that go unexplained in these power packed programs. Thanks for unlocking the knowledge.

  5. Albert Geven December 9, 2017 at 11:19 am - Reply

    Really like your presentation

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