My Favorite Photo Editing Gear

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I wanted to try something a bit different with the third episode of Photo Redux. While I normally show a screencast of how I edit my photos, I thought it’d be interesting to splice in an over-the-shoulder feed of the gear I use while doing so. Specifically, I highlight the use of my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and Palette kit. You can check both out in my Kit below.

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  1. Brian, apologize for getting somewhat off topic, but I noticed you are still using a Mac. I am too but I’ve noticed a significant trend of people switching back to Windows. I plan on doing the same around the new year hoping to get some deals on new hardware (looking at Surface stuff). I’ve been toying around with some loaner gear and LR performance seems better than on my Mac. Have you looked at Windows hardware recently? Anything stand out?

  2. Well. I did the opposite two years ago, got tired of always fixing and reconfiguring my pc so I bought an MacBook Pro No more problems but I do still have my pc, could not get rid off, since the very beginning. I use my Mac for my photography and reconfiguring the pc means wasting a day or two. Time that I use to shoot

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