It’s a good thing that Episode 13 isn’t airing on a Friday, eh? Get it? Because of Friday the… yeah. You get it. All jokes aside, we’re genuinely stupefied over our first story. A guy who uses someone’s copyright protected photo without licensing actually takes umbrage with the photographer for suing him—and winning. How do these things still happen in 2017? Oh well. Hopefully, lessons have been learned and we can grow from here. Our second topic covers the ethics of photographing vulnerable people. It’s a topic that Sharky and I were excited to discuss because it truly is an interesting conversation to have and worth pondering for yourselves.

Show Notes

  • Instead of adding our own colorful commentary to introduce this story, we’re just going to paste the title of the actual article because it does the job perfectly: “INTERNET “ENTREPRENEUR” SHOCKED THAT COPYRIGHT OWNER SUED HIM FOR STEALING THEIR WORK” [via DIYPhotography]
  • Brian and Sharky bring up the importance of US-based photographers registering their photos [via US Copyright Office]
  • Sharky mentions photographer Jack Reznicki, who is the co-author of The Copyright Zone: A Legal Guide For Photographers and Artists In The Digital Age [via Amazon]
  • The hosts then segue to their second topic inspired by a recent PetaPixel article about photographing vulnerable people. No matter where you stand, this is something worth thinking about. [via PetaPixel]
  • Brian brings up his experiences leading a workshop in Nicaragua with The Giving Lens [via]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

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Brian: Peak Design Capture Pro Clip [via Amazon]