I’ll just come out and say it. I absolutely love Peak Design. But it’s not just the products that I love. It’s the whole package. The people who work there, the culture, and the causes they so transparently and strongly advocate for makes me proud to wear and use their gear. It also makes me want to go above and beyond to share anything new they release, which is exactly what I am doing here.

The folks at Peak Design have sort of made a name for themselves with how they leverage Kickstarter to launch new products. You should probably read up on it because it’s a fantastic story. Now, the company is blasting out with major redesigns to some of their most popular products in a crazy short 5-day Kickstarter campaign! Product updates include a serious revamp of Capture v3 (my most used PD accessory) and complete redesigns to the Slide (my favorite camera strap) and the Slide Lite. There are only 3 more days as of publishing this post, so get on it!

The new kids on the block. They’re sleeker, sexier, and grip like whoa.

I had just mentioned that the Capture is my most used PD accessory and that’s very true. I’ve got a clip attached to every single bag I take out, whether I’m roaming around New York City or hiking around some mountain trail. Being able to quickly—and securely—snap my camera to my bag when I’m not using it is awesome. Period. So, when I saw that the new Capture v3 is smaller and lighter while still retaining the security and strength of its predecessor, I was thrilled! Just look at the difference between the two. Also, notice how banged up my Capture is. I use the hell out of it for real and it still keeps tickin’.

But dat monochrome…

To summarize, I’m very excited for what Peak Design is doing here and I can’t wait to see what they have to share in 2018. My personal wishlist item is a new camera bag designed for landscape/nature photography conditions. We’ll see! In the meantime, you can watch my Closer Look video from 2015, where I check out the new (at the time) Everyday Messenger… still my absolute favorite messenger on the market.

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Disclaimer: While I was provided with the products listed in this new Kickstarter campaign, I was not paid a penny to share any thoughts on them nor am I sponsored by Peak Design. I do so freely because I truly believe in Peak Design and want to do my part in spreading the word about them, their products, and the causes they believe in.