Alas, double digits and it feels so good! We’ve got something special in store for this milestone: our first guest host! From the get-go, our goal has been to introduce guests because… guests are cool and cool guests are even cooler. But unlike many other shows that make the episode about the guest, our goal is to bring on guests who become part of the show. So with that, we’re thrilled to introduce wedding photographer and the Storm Whisperer himself, Mike Olbinski, to join us for this episode! Fortunately, Adobe made some seriously big announcements with their Lightroom roadmap last week that provided more than enough fodder for us to discuss. Finally, we’ll some pivotal moments from their lives that fundamentally changed their professional directions and led them to become full time, working photographers. All that plus a triple dose of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” make up Episode 10!

Show Notes

  • Brian and Sharky are thrilled to announce the show’s very first guest host, Mike Olbinski. Aside from being a helluva wedding photographer, Mike is also one of the best storm chasers out there and has created some of the most visually stunning time lapse videos that your eyes have ever seen. Seriously, clean your floor because your jaws are about to be hitting them pretty hard. [Vimeo]
  • Now that you’ve had a chance to lift your jaws back up and wipe the mess you made on the ground, we can move onto the lil’ bit of news coming out of Adobe’s camp. In addition to a slew of major updates to their Creative Cloud ecosystem, the company announced a “new” version of Lightroom dubbed “Lightroom CC” with the existing implementation renamed with the lovely moniker, “Lightroom Classic.” As you can imagine, this caused a lot of confusion and even more ire with the legion of photographers hoping for a more substantial update. [via the always wonderful Julieanne Kost on the Adobe Blog]
  • Mike and Sharky weigh in on these changes and lament about how much they wish Lightroom’s initial culling experience was faster, similar to what Photo Mechanic provides. [Camera Bits]
  • After much hullabaloo, the hosts shift gears by recalling some of their more pivotal experiences that led them to leave their existing careers to pursue photography as a primary profession
  • Mike references a particular haboob time lapse he captured on July 5th, 2011 that went viral and served as the first major stepping stone on his five year journey to fully embracing photography as his profession.

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Mike: Lightning Trigger LT-IV [via Lightning Trigger]

Brian: X-Rite i1 Display Pro Color Calibrator [viaAmazon]

Sharky: X-Rite ColorChecker Passport [via Amazon]