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For the longest time, I’ve managed a page on this blog that serves as a laundry list of the photo gear I use. It was an easy place to point people to whenever the question about camera bodies and lenses came up. It is also a decent way to earn some incremental revenue because each of the products leverage affiliate links to Amazon and B&H Photo, so if you click something and end up purchasing the item (or any other items), I would get a small percentage.

Recently, though, I got turned onto a site called Kit that seems to have been around for a bit but doesn’t feel like it has been leveraged properly. Actually, it was Nicole who turned me onto it and after seeing how well she is manicuring her kits, I dove in as well. I’ve spent some time each day building and refining kits based on the photo scenarios I find myself involved in and will be sharing them with all of you, too. With that said, It’s not just about adding a bunch of gear into a kit and slapping it all over the internet. My goal is to provide insight into each item that I add to my kits with the intent of explaining why I use what I use. I welcome questions or comments, as well! This is a 2-way road, so let’s have some fun. The first kit that I’m going to share is probably my most used one – the Landscape/Nature Gear List.

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  1. georgebowron October 12, 2017 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    I believe each item should have its weight listed. One can add up the individual weights of the “necessary” gear & try carrying that amount around before purchasing the kit & heading out in the field.

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