Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), that is. Why? Where did your minds go? In any event, Sharky and I kick off Episode 6 with a healthy discussion about power editing on the go using a tablet instead of a laptop. There have been some great advancements in mobile hardware and software, but is it a truly viable laptop replacement? Speaking of gear, that segues us into the second topic of the show brought on by Sharky. He has a serious concern that many photographers have a major case of GAS FOMO (you look it up). Is it possible to have too much gear? Is there really such a thing? All that plus a healthy dose of What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” is what you get for Episode 6.

Show Notes

  • Brian’s going on a road trip to Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountain National Parks and is seriously considering whether he can use his iPad Pro instead of his MacBook Pro laptop to backup, cull, and edit photos
  • Sharky talks about why he thinks Photo Mechanic is an excellent tool for sports photographers and photojournalists who have to quickly cull through huge numbers of photos [Camera Bits]
  • Brian questions whether the 128Gb capacity of the Gnarbox is large enough [Gnarbox]
  • Brian and Sharky show their age by reminiscing about old photo tech by Epson
  • Sharky questions whether it’s worth going into debt to get new gear and Brian expands on that but asking how much gear does a photographer really need?
  • The duo then talks about whether there is something to on-brand vs off-brand lenses (Canon/Nikon/Sony versus Sigma/Tamron)

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Black Rapid Sport Breathe Shoulder Sling [via Amazon]

Brian: Business Cards by Moo [via Moo]