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Last week, I joined my friends at ON1 on a live webinar where I edited a bunch of photos from my recent road trip across the US. We had a blast and I especially enjoyed it because it gave me an excuse to edit some new photos totally live. All the photos that I worked on during this webinar were done so without any prep, which was oddly exciting. If you weren’t able to catch it live or if you just want to watch it again, then just click below. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments section.

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  1. One further thought on fake looking sky swaps. The reflection in the water is always darker than the image being reflected! When you brought the sun rise reflections into the water, they were too light, i.e., lighter than the sky itself. This could have been corrected with a local adjustment.

    1. Author

      Can’t disagree. In certain situations, especially when I’m teaching a technique, I tend to exaggerate things so that the viewers can see the changes more easily. But it’s a totally fair point.

  2. Video quality of this webinar is pretty poor on your website, but I can’t find the recording on On1’s website.

    1. Author

      Interesting. Did you click on the gear icon on the bottom right and set it to 1080HD? When I do so, the video is quite sharp.

      1. Sorry about that, Brian. Setting it to 1080HD did the trick. I followed the webinar at the time, but I missed the start, so that is why I wanted to see it again. Especially love the masking of the tree on the Mount Rushmore picture. Very helpful.

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