Appreciating the importance of including a sense of scale in my photos is one of the great ironies of my photography career. Too often, when I photograph a waterfall or some landscape scene, the objective of conveying its enormity or vastness falls flat because the viewer has nothing else of familiar size to compare it to. And this is where the irony comes into play. For the longest time, I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid including people in my photos and yet that is one of the very best ways to instantly provide viewers with a sense of scale. Most of us have a general sense of the size of a person, even if their height differs from ours. With that in mind, by including a person—or people—in your photo, you instantly infuse it with that ever-important sense of scale. With that, the viewer gains a more direct appreciation for the enormity of the scene relative to the size of the people in it. I’ve taken this tip to heart, seriously, and have been actively working on how I approach my photos now. There’s always room for change and growth.

A sense of scale at Thor's Well