Today is my second day back since returning from my two weeks traveling around Morocco. I’m still overly jet-lagged and under-caffeinated. I did end up waking up at 3AM, which gave me more than enough time to start culling and editing photos from the trip. I’ll come right out and say that this trip to Morocco is possibly my least favorite of any I’ve ever been on and this is not something I say lightly. It’s also something that I have been—and will continue to—chew on for a bit. I’m sure that I’ll expand on these thoughts through a variety of blog posts, too. But rather than start off by focusing on the bad stuff, I’d like to share a bit of the good.

This photo shows the remote village of Armed, one of the farthest in the High Atlas Mountains. The two days spent here were my favorite out of the entire trip and it has to do with the simplicity of the area. While we had many of your typical creature comforts (if you can call them that) in the more populated cities like Fes and Marrakech, it was the pure and basic charm of this particular type of village life that appealed to me. The air was clean, there were hardly any ambient noise aside from sheep occasionally neighing, and the only way you could get somewhere was by foot or on the back of a mule. It was a stark contrast to the way the rest of the trip played out and it meant enough to me to seriously consider this on future trips.