This trip to Morocco happened quite whimsically. An overseas trip was on the books for a while but the actual destination hadn’t been firmed until about 3 weeks prior to leaving. Like any diligent traveler, I did my fair bit of research on the country, its denizens, and their culture. In some cases, my research prepared me in terms of certain expectations—like the consistently negative reaction towards cameras—but left me somewhat ill-equipped in others. For example, I didn’t realize just how carb-heavy the Moroccan diet is. While their breads and cakes are tasty, the thought of eating another one makes me queasy.

Normally, I avoid group tours because I don’t care to be bound to a group when my goal is to freely roam around with my camera. However, life has been pretty stressful and chaotic this year and the thought of having a general agenda set for us when we landed had some serious appeal. We ended up booking the “Real Food Adventure” with Intrepid Travel and while the group leader and fellow attendees were all wonderful, I feel like this is the first trip I’ve been on that could loosely be categorized as a failure. Now, this isn’t me beating up on myself. It’s not that I am leaving Morocco without any strong photos. It’s more that I feel like I haven’t really learned anything about the place other than there is an overwhelming love for carbs and sugary tea as well as a generally healthy aversion towards photographers. Oversimplifications aside, I have a lot to mull over, especially when I get home and can decompress. I have a ton on my mind and once I get it all sorted out, I look forward to sharing it with all of you.